Healthy living

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The path to wisdom starts with adopting a healthy lifestyle. We are part of the Solar system hence our bodies follow an inbuilt solar clock.

  • Waking up early between 4-6am.
  • Early to bed, between 9-10pm.
  • healthy eating

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Who am I

I am a multidimensional being.

At the outer level, I could be said to be a human.

At the microscopic level, I consist of a symbiotic relationship between the billions of bacteria living inside of my body fighting the outer world.

At the quantum level, I may be called a combination of matter and energy.

From the spiritual context, I am a creation of God in his image.

The spiritual path

The spiritual path is lined with pitfalls, thorns, illusions and obstacles. Sometimes, the obstacle is the path which you have to clear before venturing any further. The first step which is helpful to anybody who ventures on this path is to make your body healthy to take on the adventure.

Steps to make your body healthy:
1. Eat a balanced diet which had proper nutrition, medium quantity and easy to digest.

2. Have adequate rest, minimum 8 hours sleep.

3. The body follows the clock of the sun so go to bed around 9 to 10pm and get up in the “brahma muharat” – a time when everything is at peace, with the surrounding, a time before sunset when there is fresh oxygen in the environment, a time when birds are awake and have started chirping.